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Mary Elegant Upholstered Dining Chair by Compar

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Leather Finish

Introducing the 'Mary' upholstered dining chair by Compar, a sophisticated addition to any modern space. Crafted with an elegant design, this chair is enveloped in regenerated eco-leather upholstery, offering both style and sustainability for contemporary interiors. The use of eco-friendly materials aligns seamlessly with the chair's aesthetic, making it a conscious choice for those who appreciate both form and function in their furniture.

Adding a distinctive touch to the dining experience, the 'Mary' chair features a unique half-moon design on its backrest, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also providing a practical grip. The seamless integration of clean lines and meticulous stitching defines the borders of each element, contributing to the chair's overall refined aesthetic. 'Mary' is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of sophistication and environmental consciousness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and eco-friendliness in their dining space.

All the collection of chairs by Compar is available in different sizes and finishes.
Technical Info:
  • Type: Dining Chair
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Elegant Design
  • Thick Eco-Leather: EK01, EK08 and EK11
  • Finishes in the picture: Legs and Seat: White EK01 and Dark Brown EK08
  • Dimensions: L 44 H 92 W 52 cm
  • 0,330 m3, 14 Kg
  • 2 pcs per Carton
  • ''Made to order''
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

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