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Woven Stripe Plain Jute Runner Rug

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This woven runner rug is meticulously fashioned from an 80% jute and 20% cotton blend, creating a unique striped pattern that elevates the traditional charm of a plain jute rug. The understated stripes add a nuanced character, infusing the space with a touch of sophistication while retaining the warmth inherent in jute rugs.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, jute rugs are celebrated for their ability to introduce texture and cosiness to any room. They're a preferred choice for those seeking an earthy, inviting atmosphere. Moreover, their popularity stems from the sustainability and outstanding durability inherent in jute fibres, making them a conscious and long-lasting addition to your home decor. Choose this woven runner rug to embrace the beauty of natural materials, adding both style and sustainability to your living space.

Product Size: L 230 W 60cm

Technical Info:

  • Type: Rug
  • Woven Stripe
  • Material: 80% Jute and 20% Cotton
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 days

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