5 Clever Ways to Use a Console Table Around Home

5 Clever Ways to Use a Console Table Around Home

As attractive pieces of furniture, console tables are typically tabletops propped against walls. It is an excellent method to make use of small spaces to serve as extra storage as well as to showcase some of your interior design and personality. Almost any unused space can be used by accommodating a console table. 

For additional storage and convenience, you may also use a console table with shelves and drawers and our best-selling extending console tableHowever, these tables can astonish you with their ability to hold almost anything, and there is no end to the value they can add to things. Given their power, they are very useful and can be used for a variety 

Here are five creative applications for console tables:

  1. Jazz up your living space

Install a fashionable console table to increase the glitz in your living room because it deserves special consideration when it comes to furnishing. For example, Tonin Casa's Tiffany series at My Italian Living gives your living space the most enticing combination of leather and wood. Put some art next to the mirror and combine it with a mirror top in gold for added style. Add flowers for a fresh appearance and smell.

Advice: Take care not to cram the console table in your living room with items; doing so could detract from its beauty. Decorate it by including a lamp and some little candlesticks.

  1. Add vanity to your bedroom

An excellent alternative to enormous dressers that take up a lot of space is console tables. Our Italian-style console table can accommodate the same number of objects while taking up considerably less space. All you need is a stool and a matching mirror. In the compartments of the table, you may store all of your jewels, ties, handkerchiefs, slings, fragrances, and watches. 

Tips:  There is no certain thumb rule to decorate your bedroom console table, you can put a table lamp, a photo frame, or some showpiece. 

  1. Let your entrance catch the fancies of visitors

Your home entrance creates the first impression in the visitor’s mind so needless to say it needs to welcoming and give a warm vibe while entering the house. The hallway is the most common place to place a console table, ensure that you optimize it well by making it functional yet aesthetically appealing. CNS 2001 is an elegant Console Table by Santa Lucia at our Italian designer furniture store, which is an ultra-versatile piece with a combination of the wood grain and the matt Mosto lacquered finish that accentuates the alternating open and closed spaces on this console table. It will not add style but functionality also.

Tip: put family photos or a flashy lamp for that extra light in the foyer.

  1. Spice up your dining room

One can use a console table as secondary storage in a dining room when you have less space to put your microwave in the kitchen or looking for additional space to put napkins, cutlery, and additional miscellaneous items. Explore our collection of extending console tables, like the leaf extendible console table by Tonin casa or Cora extendible console table by Tonin casa. These console tables get converted into a dining tables and are extremely useful for homes with small spaces.

Tip- when not in use you can adorn it with a beautiful decorative artifact or a flower base. 

  1. As an office/study desk

Use our easy-to-move Italian-style console table as a home office or study table by just pairing it with a comfortable chair.

Final words

By now, you are undoubtedly admiring these adaptable pieces of furniture and planning how to use console tables in your home. Well, house decor can be one of those tasks. My Italian Living is perfect for you to give your house the finest possible makeover. 

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