How to choose your perfect dining chairs.

How to choose your perfect dining chairs.

When it comes to our homes, our dining room is a place where we can fuel ourselves, enjoy good company and have interesting talks. Choosing the right pair of chairs for a dining table is essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends alike.


"Perfect" signifies many things in this context: comfort is important, as are dining chairs that lend aesthetic beauty and panache to the room. To help you make the proper choice when it comes to dining chairs, we've put up this comprehensive guide.

Consider your measurements

To determine how many chairs you'll need, you'll need to know the dimensions of your table and the size of your room. Round and oval tables can accommodate more people, whereas square tables can comfortably seat fewer guests. If you're using round tables, that's also an acceptable number, albeit the lack of corners allows you to seat more people.

Ensure that you measure everything, notably the table's height and the thickness of the table's top, as well as any skirting or apron.

Denver microfibre eco leather chair by Target Point

If you have a square table, the Denver chairs by Target Point can be paired with a bench from the same collection to create more seating space.

Then, measure the distance between the chairs and the table

Using these numbers as a guide, consider the following:
The usual chair has a width of 18 to 20 inches, depending on whether it has arms.

To determine the number of seats that can be accommodated around a table, leave 6 inches between each one of them.

Let customers push their chairs back with ease by leaving a 36-inch gap between them and any other furniture in the dining room.

Consider how many chairs you need or desire for daily use and life before deciding on the number of chairs you want for huge parties and partying.


Digione upholstered chair by Target Point

If you need to fit a table into a small space, a chair without arms is a great option. Target Point's Digione chair is a fantastic example of combining elegance and comfort without sacrificing either.


Combine style with functionality

The following questions can help you determine the design and aesthetic of your dining chairs:

Is it more important to you to have something basic or elaborate?

Amount of space available in your home

To create an airy, lighter atmosphere in a room, consider basic wooden chairs with clean lines and open backs. This would also work well in smaller areas.

Upholstered chairs, on the other hand, may be more comfortable if you want to use your dining area for socialising or even working.

Choosing the right material is also very important:

You can play with texture and pattern on fabric chairs, but they may be tough to clean if they get dirty. Your interior designer should be consulted because many fabrics are stain-resistant and long-lasting.

Seating in leather is a timeless classic that is both durable and easy to care for.

If you need to store them, chrome or metal chairs are an excellent choice.


The Riflessi Lab chairs are available in a variety of fabrics that are long-lasting and sturdy. As a result, you won't have to choose between style and function.

Gio' chairs by Riflessi Lab

Look out for unique designs

When choosing dining chairs, look for details such as unique detailing and sculptured or carved legs that will set your dining chairs apart from the others. A similar example would be the use of black leather with sleek copper legs.

Buttons and stitching bring class to dining room chairs, while patterns inject personality into the space. This is especially true for tables that are very solid and classic and need to be dressed up or updated.


In contrast to the other Target Point chairs, the Dallas chair from Target Point stands out for its unique design.

Dallas upholstered chair by Target Point

Purchasing your chairs online

You may not be able to personally inspect the seats if you're shopping online. So, read through all the reviews online, paying special attention to those that point out potential hazards or faults with the chairs, before making your final decision.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the actual product and how it works.

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