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Our team at My Italian Living work with over 30 manufacturers, offering more than 20,000 products. With our wealth of products, were sure to find something that suits your needs!

Simply send us a image or description of what your after and our dedicated team will happily help you in your search.

We also offer exquisite classic and modern designer furniture collections for living room such as Bauhaus furniture (H. Bertoia, L.M. Van der Rohe Barcelona, Le Corbusier, M. Breuer), which comes in an array of colours and materials (fabric or leather)

Our manufacturers are Adrenalina, Birex, Clever, Compar, Confort Line, Corazzin, Cosatto Letti, Dall'Agnese, Domingo Salotti, F2 Design, Favero, Fenni Parquet, Hugs Factory, Imperial Line, Infiniti Design, La Primavera, Lyon, Marka, Maronese, Mobilstella, Morassutti, Orme, Pali, Pedrali, Picci, Santa Lucia, Santarossa, Scab Design, Sedit, Siluetto, Sitap, Stones, Target Point, Tomasucci, Veneran and Walco, respectively.