Few Signs You Have Too Much Furniture in Your Home

Few Signs You Have Too Much Furniture in Your Home

The excessive acquisition of furniture starts at the beginning. A sofa and bed are the first pieces of furniture you purchase when you buy your first home. As you get older, you collect more furniture to fill up space. The kids' subsequent needs lead to the purchase of further furnishings per their preferences. In this, you're unaware that your home's rooms fill up with furnishings, some of which you haven't used in months. In this My Italian Living blog, we would tell you some signs that show that your house is overstuffed with furniture and how to get away with it.

Signs of excessive furniture 

If you do any of the following in your home, an interior designer would probably prefer the phrases "cramped" and "messy" over the word "homey."

It's not appropriate to maneuver around curves and squeeze through narrow spaces in a home. You have too much furniture if you have to turn, squeeze, crawl, or leap at any point while moving from one end of the house to the other. Your home's pathways and halls should be open and simple to navigate for everyone, including those with mobility issues or disabilities. Install hallway furniture sets like shoe cabinets that do not restrict the movement in the entrance. You can get customized hallway furniture from our store that fits your space accordingly.

You lack a compelling concept that runs throughout. Furniture that is mismatched has a low aesthetic appeal. Even a large home can look overstuffed with furniture if the pieces don't match well together. If the three couches in the living room have different colors and patterns, the aesthetics throughout the house will be off. Purchasing furniture that complements your current décor is preferable. You can purchase one of our modern bedroom furniture sets or living room sets with matching furniture to reduce the likelihood of a mismatch, or you can purchase furniture that can be modified to match the current furniture.

You may have too much furniture if you have drawers and cabinets around the house that cannot be opened properly because of the lack of opening space around. If you can't utilize your furniture's drawers and cabinets to their best potential to get your favorite pair of heels that you haven’t worn since last year then it serves no purpose to have them. Instead, invest in our modern hallway furniture sets like modular shoe storage in your foyer or your passage as per the dimension of the area. Visit our website to explore designs of modular furniture that you can bring home.

If you can't fit a small gathering or function in your home because there isn't enough room for your furniture to be set up, it's a hint that you need to declutter or buy new, smart furniture with many uses to make the most of the available space. Purchase adaptable furniture from My Italian Living store to make your home more practical and roomy enough to use the furniture or move it when necessary.

Final thoughts

You can reconsider your storage options. After you have reduced your possessions, you can carefully consider how you can organize them more effectively in the future. You won't need as much furniture to hide anything if you use more cost-effective storage options. Whether you purchase one of our modern bedroom furniture sets or a living room set, be sure to plan and consider your present and future storage needs. 

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