Find the Perfect Cushiony Comfort to Accompany your House Here!

Find the Perfect Cushiony Comfort to Accompany your House Here!

For the perfect contemporary addition to your furniture, you need to understand what you are looking for. Take up the search for your dream home with My Italian Living. Contemporary style is not limited to one type of designing - it simply improvises and takes cues from whatever is popular at the time. Presently, a modern and minimalist interior approach has been seen.

Make your Living Room the Main Attraction with all the Key Components Blending perfectly

A living room is always incomplete without a perfectly sized sofa and a chest of drawers following closely behind. My Italian Living understands this and hence presents the most charming set of Contemporary Upholstered Sofas and matching Contemporary Chest Of Drawers just for your perfect move in. Take a look at the carefully curated guide below! 

How to Choose the 'Right' Sofa and Chest of Drawers? 

Furniture pieces heavily give off the kind of vibe your family has and this is what keeps you comfortable in your home. To continue with it, choosing the right sofa is crucial. 

Comfort: After a long day at work, all you want to do is sink down on your sofa and forget everything. Your chosen piece should be capable enough to give you the comfort you seek.

Durability: Wear and tear is a part of life, especially if you have kids or pets. Easily replaceable investments don't bear anything and so, always test its durability of both the furniture pieces.

Every piece of furniture is a result of personal preference but sometimes, the general idea is the same - a piece that makes your house what it is. 

What will Contemporary styled Furniture add to your Vibe? 

The dynamic design capability and freedom to stir things up is an amazing thing for your home décor. This particular style has been reported to be easy to maintain and extremely functional as well as compatible with day to day operations. Listed below are a couple of things you should keep in mind before opting for contemporary furniture.

Neutral color palettes for the win: Instead of opting for bright colors that will turn sore if seen on a regular basis, whites and shades of cream can be a smart way to choose colors. You can always go for attractive and colorful artworks to make the room pop. 

Choose natural lighting over artificial ones:  Wherever possible, always go for natural light to illuminate the room instead of hanging artificial ones in every corner. Sure, it looks perfectly aligned but contemporary style is heavily dependent on natural lighting. So let the furniture gleam!

Don't hog too many accessories: Keeping your house clutter free yet stylish is the correct way to go. Maybe some unique vases or color popping paintings do the job single-handedly, without the need of boisterous items hanging everywhere. 


My Italian Living never compromises with your needs. From quirky sofas to useful drawer set that simultaneously compliments your style, let your house vibe do the talking.

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