How To Style Your Studio Apartment with The Right Furniture Pieces

How To Style Your Studio Apartment with The Right Furniture Pieces

Studio apartments are limited in the area but the limit to add to their style and functionality is not limited. By placing the right furniture in your studio apartment you can furnish your house without sacrificing your style and needs. However, the key is to look for a designer and stylish furniture from My Italian Living that takes less space but adds optimum utility. 

Here are a few must-have pieces of studio apartment furniture:

Extendable table

For a studio apartment, an extendable console dining table is ideal. An extendable table can begin as a stylish console table or small dining table and then expand to seat a small or large dinner party. You can use it for your daily needs and then extend it for entertaining family and friends.

Leaf Extendible Console Table by Tonin Casa is an elegant and resistant extendable console table with a painted steel base that can stretch from 50cm to 300cm. Similarly, Marvel Extendable Console Table by Pezzani can open and transform into a large, impressive table that will host up to 10 people.

Sofa beds

Studio apartments are frequently one large room with no clear separation between the sleeping and living areas. Sofa beds are ideal for studio apartments as you can have a couch for relaxing, watching TV, or entertaining guests during the day, and then convert it into a comfortable sleeping space at night. 

The Bali contemporary sofa bed by LeComfort perfectly combines modern design with the functionality of a sofa bed. This distinctive piece of Italian designer furniture is made for those who value comfort, quality, and design- all in one. It is suitable for any modern living room interior. This sofa can easily adapt to different spaces and needs because it is available in a wide range of fabrics and sizes and has two types of armrests (Kama and Krio).

Wall desk with bed

You don't need a separate bed, desk, or table, as many fantastic combination units combine these items stylishly and functionally. My Italian Living offers a wide selection of stylish wall beds, desks, and tables.

The IM20 12 is a modern single-wall bed with a contemporary office desk and upper bookcase that is ideal for any small space that requires a multifunctional solution. It can be placed anywhere, from tiny studio apartments to children's bedrooms, guest rooms, home offices, and workspaces where a cozy resting nook is required.

Chairs that fold and extend

Investing in folding chairs, like our extendable console dining tables, is a wise decision because it is pointless to crowd the floor space with chairs that are rarely used. When entertaining, invest in folding and extending chairs to save space while also providing comfortable seating.

Chairs like la primavera folding chairs are designed to last as a harmonious synthesis of form and function, so they are made with selected materials subjected to innovative treatments that make them suitable for intensive daily use and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Buy high-quality furniture online

Storage couches and beds, nesting tables, and other types of furniture can help you maximize the space and style in your studio apartment. Explore our Italian designer furniture store's catalog to find high-quality, stylish furniture that is built to last. Our entire collection can assist you in making the most of your space, whether you live in a small space, such as a studio apartment, or you simply want to do more with the larger space that you have. Find something that will fit perfectly in your space while also expressing your style.

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