Modern Sideboards: A Practical Solution for all Storage Problems

Modern Sideboards: A Practical Solution for all Storage Problems

Sideboards have always been there as the perfect utility item but were credited as more a bit later. They are the definition of display with storage. Even though they started out as dining room furniture, they sync with the surroundings almost everywhere. Having a sideboard is a must nowadays.

My Italian Living has modified modern sideboards to give you a blend of style with function. To fit the modern aesthetic of homes, the smaller scale of the sideboards is ideal to give you more space without suffocating anyone. 

Why should a Sideboard be Chosen over a Dresser? 

This is a common question that clients ask before purchasing furniture and let us tell you - it's completely viable. Let us list a few reasons to help you get a clearer perspective that why people go for sideboard nowadays.

  • Sideboards are multipurpose storage furniture that comprises of part drawers and part cupboards. 
  • They fit in a small, tight space - giving you a chunk of free space to adjust to. 
  • They are classy look-wise as well. Making a room more 'dressier', they are showpieces in their own right.
  • Low-key and easy to access storage is one more leverage these have over dressers. If your room has a low ceiling, closed floor plan or lacks sunlight - bulky furniture might feel too much to handle. 

Hope these were enough to waver your perception about the sliding door sideboard.

How to Place a Sideboard?

Since the Victorian era, modern sideboards have been utilized in the dining or at the most living areas. However, they are extremely versatile pieces that deserve more creativity. We have combined a few tips and tricks to place your sideboard in the most efficient way.

  • Eliminate dead space below a window or beside a bulky furniture by using this sideboard as extra space. 
  • If you have a use for sideboards often, you have to double check the durability. Though, this should not be a problem when shopping with us.
  • The kitchen might have a few pieces of utilities you don't want on display for the guests. You can place a sideboard between storing cabinets to hide baking trays, blenders and likes of these hidden from the naked eye. 
  • You can easily use the slide board in the utility room as a worktop while also storing the cleaning necessities out of sight. 


Sliding Door Sideboards can either make or break the deal if not placed carefully. With so much potential, you can enhance your house aesthetic with it. As suggested before, you don't have to put too much effort in sideboards. They are easy to handle and are compatible with all rooms. We suggest that you use the given tips and tricks to help you decide how to go about the whole process. My Italian Living will ensure that you get to your exact furniture that you have been looking for since long. With us, your wait if finally over to have modern furniture. Browse through our page and we are sure you would find something to your taste and preferences.

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