Which Bed Is Right- Wrought Iron or Wooden?

Which Bed Is Right- Wrought Iron or Wooden?

Consequently, it makes sense to choose a bed with great care. Before buying a bed, a number of factors need to be taken into account, including price, material, and size. So, don't rush! Metal or wood are the two materials used most frequently to make bed frames. So, which bed frame should you pick: one made of wood or metal? To assist you in comparing and selecting a bed frame from our modern bedroom furniture collection, we will look at four variables that most buyers typically take into account.


Wooden bed frames are typically regarded as the more durable option since they are constructed with thicker materials and more durable stability systems, especially when they are created by Italian designers who specialize in making wooden furniture to order. Particularly if intended for your luxurious guest room, wood is chosen on purpose for its toughness, making it the superior alternative for support throughout time.

Support & Weight

Most people assume that heavier bed frames are made of wood, but that isn't necessarily the case. Metal furniture is recognized for being space-saving, and when it comes to our Italian-style wrought iron beds, its weight can frequently surpass that of MDF and engineered wood bedframes. In terms of support, the design itself is more important than the type of material a frame is built of.


Although you might not think of noise as a major consideration when buying a bed frame, anyone who has slept on a squeaky bed knows how important noise is to sleep well. Wood bed frames at My Italian Living are unquestionably the better choice when it comes to noise because of the durability of wood and the fact that the frame is less prone to come apart. However, the possibility that a metal bed frame will creak at some time is considerable, which depends upon the usage. 


Each type of bed frame—wood or metal—has advantages over the other. The price might be significantly lower than wood bed frames for smaller beds and metal bed frames made of ordinary metal. However, wood bed frames can be a more affordable choice when dealing with larger-sized beds that may need a stronger metal or when preferring a stronger metal on its own merits. So, if the price is your main consideration when selecting modern bedroom furniture at our store, your options may vary somewhat based on your requirements or preferences. However, metal is usually less expensive than wood when dealing with smaller sizes and ordinary bed frames.


Wrought iron beds available at our store can get customized up to an extent but when you talk about wooden beds, the options are limitless. If you don’t need storage, then metal beds are best to stack big things under the bed while wooden beds come with/ without under-bed storage options. Wood bed tends to be heavy and is harder to transport while metal beds are easy to transfer from one room to another.


No matter how you weigh the pros and cons of wood versus metal bed frames, ultimately it boils down to preference. Some people love the fashionable comfort and variety of stains that hardwood bed frames may offer, while others prefer the vast styles and metallic finishes that metal frames can offer.

It all comes down to the aspects that are most important to you when choosing a bed frame. For strength, style, and low noise, wood is a fantastic choice. Metal bed frames are affordable. Keeping these things in mind, you can choose the option at My Italian Living that best suits your sleeping habits.

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