Bespoke Furniture

My Italian Living premium-designed furnishings get customized in Italy for commercial, residential, retail, and hotel projects. It paves the way to each piece we layout is precision-constructed from scratch- to elevate any space. In this bespoke service, we can create fixtures to obtain a type of vision in which every element meets our clients' personal preferences.

Fit to size

Thanks to our experience, you can design your dream made-to-measure furniture in just a few days. We closely work with interior designers to create a unique piece of furniture for each project, from small sofas to large storage beds or from modern sideboards to elegant glass displays.

My Italian Living upholstery in furniture such as lounge couches, armchairs, dining chairs, and beds are available in a variety of materials, including suede, velvet, satin, leather that are available on request and even custom fabrics. Our shop features a wide range of furniture from established Italian manufacturers including, Dall"Agnese, Santa Lucia, Mobilstella, Morassutti, Cattelan Italia, Tonin Casa, Target Point, Riflessi, Bonaldo, Sovet and many more.

Aspen Bed by LeComfort

Aspen Bed by LeComfort

In our exquisite portfolio, you will find a broad range of furniture items that we have already built just for our customers. If you are starting and dreaming of your one-of-a-kind custom-made furniture item, here is the place to be.

Regulations for European/International Fabric and Foam in the UK

The United Kingdom has the world's strongest fire laws. Any product intended for use in the United Kingdom must include UK-specific Fire Regulation foam and employ particular (75 percent natural fibers) textiles, either back-coated or used in conjunction with an inter-liner. My Italian living acquires product from suppliers directly that is only available with European standard foam or fabric. Using furniture or accessories that do not comply with UK Fire Regulations within the UK can void your home insurance coverage.