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La Primavera

Cinzia Glass Coffee Table by La Primavera

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Introducing Cinzia is a sophisticated coffee table meticulously crafted for today's versatile living spaces. Its timeless design seamlessly blends into both classic and modern room settings, making it a versatile centrepiece. One of its standout features lies in the captivating central base, a focal point that intrigues and captivates attention effortlessly. The sleek and uncluttered tabletop complements the table's overall aesthetic, ensuring it remains an unforgettable addition to any room it graces.

The genesis of Cinzia stems from a design ethos rooted in cutting-edge expressions. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted with inspiration drawn from the forefront of design innovation. Central to its allure is the emphasis on essentiality, embodying an aesthetic value that aligns with a profound vision of furniture. This vision champions the purity of lines and the elegance found in the simplicity of volumes, delivering not just a coffee table, but an embodiment of refined sophistication for the discerning homeowner.

La Primavera furniture is available in different finishes and sizes.
Technical Info:

  • Type: Coffee Table
  • 100% made in Italy
  • The Cinzia Model Glass Top is Supported by a Steel Plate Attached Using UV Adhesives
  • Finish in the picture: Agglomerate of Marble with Round Beveled Transparent Glass
  • Dimensions: L 85 H 37 W 85 cm
  • "Made to order"
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

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