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La Primavera

Clio Coffee Table by La Primavera

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Clio embodies the epitome of simplicity and sophistication in its design, defining itself through clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Available in various colours and sizes, this coffee table offers versatility while maintaining its essential charm. The defining feature lies in its elegantly crafted legs, where geometric intricacies converge to form a visually striking piece. Each element of this table exudes refinement, a testament to the meticulous design philosophy that defines the collection.

Rooted in over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, every aspect of Clio's design draws inspiration from the wealth of experience held by its creator. The legacy of this longstanding manufacturer permeates through the table's form and function, infusing it with a timeless quality that transcends trends. The result is not just a piece of furniture but a culmination of craftsmanship and heritage, marrying modernity with a profound understanding of design principles honed over decades.

La Primavera furniture is available in different finishes and sizes.
Technical Info:

  • Type: Coffee Table
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Metal Table Base Coated in Epoxy Powder
  • Basement & Plate: White 9016, London Grey, Metallic Bronze, Moka and Peltro
  • Top: Alicante, Black Empire, Old Wood, Royale, Tobacco, Grey and Light Pulpis, Black Fenix, Statuary & Kos White
  • Finish in the picture: Moka, White, Bronze, Pewter and London Grey Top: Black & Tobacco HPL Composite
  • Dimensions:
    • L 60 H 36 W 60 cm
    • L 40 H 46 W 40 cm
    • L 60 H 36.7 W 60 cm
    • L 40 H 46.7 W 60 cm
  • "Made to order"
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

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