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Comfort contemporary sectional Italian sofa by Dall'Agnese

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Introducing 'Comfort' is a sophisticated sectional Italian sofa crafted by Dall'Agnese, seamlessly blending minimalist aesthetics with essential design elements. This contemporary piece is an ideal addition to any modern living room, exuding both style and comfort. The sofa comes in a fabric variant with fully removable covers, making it easy to maintain and adapt to your evolving style.

Please note that this feature is not available for the leather version of the sofa, adding an exclusive touch to this luxurious option. Designed for those with a discerning taste for comfort, quality, and impeccable design, 'Comfort' stands out as a distinctive furniture piece. It caters to individuals who appreciate the fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

When it comes to pricing, 'Comfort' offers a range of options to suit diverse preferences. The basic and most affordable category is Micron, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Moving up, we have the second price category featuring Salin, Caravaggio, and Indy-each offering a blend of style and affordability. When it comes to fabrics, Purolino and Rubino take the spotlight in the top-class category. These premium materials not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also embody excellence in both craftsmanship and durability.

All Dall'Agnese sofas come in a wide range of fabrics. Contact our team for more information or for our best quotation.

Technical info:

  • Available with a 2 / or 2 seaters + chaise lounge
  • 2 seater 98 x 256 cm
  • 2 seater + chaise lounge 128 x 423 cm
  • Comfort availabilities: Height 69/79 - Depth 98/128/158 -  Width 66/96/128/88/118/ - Back Width 32 - Armrest Width 20/32 - Seat Depth 66/96/126 - Seat height 42 cm
  • Structure: made of solid spruce and coated with polyurethane sheets.Secondary and non-structural parts in chipboard panels
  • Seats: Padded with a differentiated density of polyurethane foam and externally coated with a (100%) plumage quilt
  • Backs: Padded with polyurethane foam with polyester fibre tampon and externally coated with a (100%) plumage quilt
  • Armrests: Padded with polyurethane foam with a polyester fibre tampon and externally coated with a (100%) plumage quilt
  • Cover: Fully removable fabric cover, it cannot be removed in the leather version
  • Feet: In plastic, opaque black finish. Not visible
  • Chipboard panels are used for secondary, nonstructural parts
  • Available in different compositions and upholstery, including eco-leather and leather


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