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Orme Design

Day-7 contemporary TV media unit by Orme

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In the realm of interior design, the dynamic interplay unfolds upon the horizontal canvas of the wall modules, breathing life into a composition that epitomises versatility. The extra thicknesses, expansive surfaces, and vibrant palette of colours command attention, coalescing into a distinctive arrangement that becomes the focal point of the living area. Despite the boldness exuded by these elements, their integration is not one of discord but rather a delicate dance of harmony.

This composition, with its pronounced characteristics, not only asserts itself as a key feature within the living space but also adeptly maintains a seamless equilibrium with the architectural contours and the ensemble of other furnishings. The meticulous orchestration of this design ensures that the extra thicknesses and large surfaces do not merely occupy space but actively contribute to the spatial narrative.

Their presence, while undeniable, does not overshadow the architectural essence; instead, it accentuates and complements the overall aesthetic. In this symphony of interior elements, the colours play a crucial role, evoking emotions and adding layers to the visual experience. This composition emerges as a testament to the artistry in interior design, where bold statements are made not for the sake of ostentation but as a means of enhancing the living environment, creating a space where form and function coalesce in a sophisticated and balanced union.

Orme tv units collection can be made to measure, according to your needs and specifications.

Technical info:

  • Type: TV Media Unit
  • Wall-mounted base units
  • 3 wooden base units with drawers
  • Wall-mounted overhead storage units
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • The basic price for melamine finish from £2799.00
  • Composition Dimensions: L 375 H 160 W 42-35 mm
  • Finishes (as in the picture): Artico matt lacquered, Ecru matt lacquered. Push Pull handle
  • Finish Available: Material Melamines, Neutral, Decor, Marbles, Veneered, Leather, Matt and Glossy Lacquered, Front Line, Metallic Lacquered, Brushed Metallic Lacquers, Cement, Glasses, Silk-screened Glasses, Mirrors

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