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Emotion Up Wardrobe by Dall'Agnese with Freccia Door - COMP EM06

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Never run out of room for your clothing and accessories when you install the Emotion Up Wardrobe by Dall'Agnese with Freccia Door in your space. This wardrobe is sleek and sophisticated on the outside with its rich, dark grey matte finish and golden-toned handles and is just as satisfying to behold on the inside where so much storage opportunity is present.

The storage within its 25-millimeter-thick exterior is organised and divided up nicely with each area serving a purpose. It begins with the 44-millimeter-thick bars designed to hold any clothing on hangers with ease. Thanks to the built-in drawers, you'll have space for storing your folded items and undergarments as well. Your shoes and handbags have their own home on the shelves and within the cubby areas, making them easy to see and access. That is also as true with the belt and tie rack, as it is for the included jewel case ready to store your watches.

Dall'Agnese Wardrobe Guide Prices

To give you an estimate of the price range for the Dall'Agnese Freccia wardrobe, we've calculated the cost for the configurations shown in the initial image with a length of 3150mm in a basic lacquered finish. Please be aware that this price covers the standard setup, including one shelf and two coat hangers only.

The Emotion-up collection by Dall'Agnese can be made to measure, according to your needs and specifications. Contact our team for a free consultation and a quotation.

Technical Info

  • Type: Hinged Wardrobe Slide Door
  • Doors: "Freccia" in grigio antracite 7016 matt lacquer
  • Handle: Metal in brass finish
  • Side panel: Grigio antracite 7016 matt lacquer
  • Internal Structure: Heat-treated oak textured finish
  • Dimensions: L. 3150 H. 2580 P. | D. 611
  • Manufacturing & Delivery: 7 weeks

Internal Accessories:

  • Multiple internal accessories for your daily needs, such as belts to ties, that we want to store with care.
  • Storage/jewel case covered with fabric and supplied with microfibre bottom panel.
  • Extractable tie/belt rack.
  • The internal drawers are available in all widths, according to the sizes of wardrobe units, stackable to create endless variations, and supplied with fronts in wood or grey transparent glass framed finish.
  • Vertical built-in lamp with a movement reading sensor.
  • Two types of handles are available: Burnished metal handles or hard leather and burnished metal.

Dall'Agnese Wardrobe Advantages

  • Outstanding modular versatility: the standard carcass widths range from 425/ 478/ 600/ 875/ 981/ 1225/ 1425 (mm) as well as in height 2228/ 2356/ 2580/ 2900 (mm), which allows you to embellish any space as well as adapt to any space and particular niche.
  • Carcass customisation offered: the height, width as well as depth of the carcasses can be lowered to fit any area at a production additional charge.
  • Structurally strong produced carcasses: the tops, bases, as well as partitions, are all 25 mm thick, while the racks are 40 mm thick. Side panels have actually ended up edges to a finished thickness of 22mm or 25mm (depending upon coating). The backs are 8mm thick.
  • Surfaces in all finishes are cleanable and treated to give superb resistance to abrasion and also scratching.
  • There are three various sorts of opening: pivoted, gliding, and also flush-fitting gliding device, all with soft closing systems.
  • There are 3 various stroll wardrobe systems to choose from, using a variety of styles to match any kind of spending plan.
  • Our suitable team is able to offer onsite woodworking to build closets flawlessly around loft eaves or awkward rooms.

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