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Grey Oak Ascot Dining Table with 6 Chairs

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The Ascot Grey Oak Dining Table is a statement piece with its distinctive V-shaped legs positioned at both ends, exuding an air of modern sophistication. Crafted to comfortably seat up to six individuals, its expansive surface showcases a mesmerising mid-grey tone and an exquisite wood-like texture. This table's visual appeal is truly accentuated when complemented with grey chairs, creating a harmonious and striking ensemble that effortlessly elevates any dining space. The seamless fusion of its design elements ensures an inviting ambiance for shared meals and memorable gatherings.

With a stunning mid-grey surface and captivating wood-like texture, the Ascot Grey Oak Dining Table stands as an epitome of refined elegance. Its V-shaped legs at either end not only offer stability but also contribute to the table's contemporary allure. Paired with matching grey chairs, this table establishes a captivating visual harmony that transforms dining experiences into moments of both style and comfort. From its inviting aesthetic to its accommodating capacity, the Ascot Grey Oak Dining Table represents a perfect balance of functionality and modern aesthetic appeal for your dining area.

Product Size: W 180 H 90 D 76cm

Technical Info:

  • Type: Dining Set
  • V-shaped Legs
  • 6 People Seat
  • Gorgeous Wood Effect
  • Finish: Grey Oak
  • Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 days

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