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Orme Design

Light Day 09 suspended media unit with boiserie by Orme Design

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The Light Collection by Orme represents a sophisticated assemblage of various modules, each offered in an array of sizes and finishes. Among these, the Day 09 composition from the esteemed Homes Orme stands out as a versatile addition to this collection, designed to be tailored to your specific preferences. This modular TV unit serves as an inspiring embodiment of the collection's adaptability. The beauty lies in the freedom to explore diverse colour palettes and finishes, allowing for creative amalgamations. The illustrated example is merely a glimpse into the boundless possibilities achievable through the Light System.

With the flexibility to add or remove cabinets, drawers, or open elements, you have the autonomy to craft a composition that perfectly aligns with your individual needs and aesthetic aspirations. The Day 09 composition, featured here, is priced to accommodate various budgets and is available in a multitude of melamine colours and wood finishes, reflecting the commitment of Orme to cater to a spectrum of tastes and preferences. The Day 09 composition, an integral part of the Light Collection by Orme, emanates a sense of contemporary elegance. This modular TV unit from the renowned Homes Orme seamlessly integrates into diverse living spaces, promising adaptability to diverse interior designs. Encouraging a bespoke approach, the Light System allows for an exploration of colour and finish combinations, presenting a visual tapestry of possibilities.

The showcased configuration is but a single manifestation of the creative potential inherent in this modular collection. Assembling and customising becomes an art form as one can effortlessly incorporate or remove cabinets, drawers, or open elements, crafting a composition that is uniquely suited to personal needs and spatial dynamics. The Day 09 composition, available in a rich array of melamine colours and wood finishes, is not merely a furnishing but a testament to Orme's dedication to providing a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for contemporary living spaces.

Orme TV unit collection can be made to measure, according to your needs and specifications. This composition is available in different finishes and colours.
Technical Info:

  • Type: TV/Media Unit
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Elements: Wall Units W 474 mm, Vertical Dividing Side H 1840 W 480 mm, Bloom Wall Units W 328 mm, Bookcase with Shelves W 250 mm and Bakita Metal Brackets
  • Finish Available: Wood, Neutral and Coloured Melamine, Dekor, Laminate, Glass Panes, Lacquered Glass Only for Figur Doors, Mirrors Only for Figur Sideboard
  • Finish in the picture: Bleached Wood and Tortora Melamine
  • Dimensions: L 3200 H 1840 W 250-480 mm
  • "Made to order"
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

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