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Riflessi Lab

Madame Mirror with Shelf by Riflessi Lab

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The Madame mirror, crafted by Riflessi Lab, seamlessly merges aesthetic harmony with functional design through its visual continuity between the circular mirror and its accompanying shelf. The metal-painted frame, available in elegant gold or graphite finishes, encapsulates both the mirror and the shelf, creating a cohesive and striking piece. The distinctive design of this mirror makes it a multifunctional addition to any space, infusing an element of fun and playfulness into its aesthetic appeal.

Riflessi Lab consistently captivates with its commitment to uniqueness, offering a range of mirrors and furniture that go beyond conventional expectations. For those seeking something special and original, Riflessi Lab's Madame Mirror stands as a testament to their innovative approach to design. Riflessi Lab's Madame Mirror stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional design. The marriage of form and function is evident in the gold and graphite metal-painted frame that not only provides a visually pleasing backdrop but also serves as a practical shelf.

This duality of purpose renders the mirror not merely a reflective surface but a versatile and engaging piece of furniture. Riflessi Lab consistently surprises and delights with its catalogue of mirrors and furniture, proving that each creation is a unique expression of artistic ingenuity. For those with a discerning taste and an appreciation for originality, the Madame Mirror exemplifies Riflessi Lab's dedication to crafting pieces that transcend the ordinary.

Riflessi Lab mirrors are available in various finishes.
Technical info:
  • Type: Mirror with Painted Metal Shelf
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Finishes: Shelf available in Graphite or Bronze
  • In Pictures: Madame Mirror in Graphite
  • Dimensions: L 1100 H 700 mm
  • Manufacturing & Delivery: 4 weeks for production + 10 days for delivery
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