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Musa Black Bookcase Composition 31 by Pezzani

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Musa epitomises the essence of minimalist design and style, presenting itself as an ideal modular bookcase for those with a penchant for sleek aesthetics. Its adaptability is a standout feature, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various spaces – whether affixed to the wall or positioned centrally within a room to serve as a tasteful divider. Crafted with precision, Musa's modular structure is composed entirely of steel, boasting supporting sides fashioned from solid round Ø12 mm steel and backs coated with sophisticated sable finishes. 

The thoughtful design empowers users to tailor their arrangements, offering sides in three distinct heights (200, 124, and 86 cm) and shelves in diverse dimensions (43, 58, 88, and 128 cm). Notably, the 128 cm module is specifically engineered to accommodate large televisions, catering to screens up to 50 inches in size. The versatility of Musa extends beyond its structure, with shelves available in a variety of materials to suit diverse tastes.

Options include painted steel in matching sable finishes, 12 mm ecological laminates with either satin or textured effects, and, upon request, shelves in 8 mm tempered etched glass, available in plain colours or adorned with elegant marble patterns. For a touch of sophistication, Musa offers the option of shelves crafted from sophisticated smoked mirror glass, seamlessly coupled with the backs. The steel feet are not only a sturdy foundation but also adjustable in height, ensuring the bookcase can effortlessly compensate for any irregularities in the floor, completing the blend of form and function that defines the Musa experience.

Our expert designers can help you choose your perfect colour combination.
Technical Info:
  • Type: Bookcase
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Floor Standing
  • Finishes: Each Part of the Composition is Available in the Standard Colour Matt Lacquered White, Ardesia Grey and Black for the Structure with Shelves in Matt White, Cement or Carbon Black. Also Available with Structure and Shelves in Blue, Black and Bronze
  • Finishes in the picture: Black Metal Structure with Carbon Black Shelves
  • Dimensions: L 201 H 200 W 37 cm
  • ''Made to order''
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

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