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Natural Fibre Wool Striped Jute Rug

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The soft colour palette of our jute rugs offers a versatile complement to any interior design scheme, effortlessly blending into various styles while exuding a natural, inviting aura. Crafted exclusively from natural materials, these rugs align with eco-friendly principles, catering to conscientious consumers seeking sustainable home decor options. Their durability and environmental friendliness receive a significant boost through meticulous weaving techniques, incorporating a striped pattern using wool.

This deliberate fusion of 90% jute and 10% wool enhances both the robustness and the eco-conscious profile of the rug, combining the hardiness of jute with the inherent qualities of wool, resulting in a resilient yet environmentally sensitive floor covering that embodies both durability and responsible sourcing.

Product Size

  • W 120 L 180cm
  • W 160 L 230cm
  • W 200 L 300cm
Technical Info:

  • Type: Rug
  • Striped Wool Detail
  • Natural Fibre
  • Material: 90% Jute and 10% Wool
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 days

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