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Play compoundable modern sectional sofa by Dall'Agnese

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Introducing the 'Play' compoundable modern sectional sofa by Dall'Agnese, a revolutionary approach to redefining the concept of a sofa system. This innovative design features padded seats onto which backrests are skillfully arranged, using a precision system of weights to establish a robust and stable structure. The inclusion of cushions in various sizes and armrests boasting identical technical characteristics adds the finishing touch to this visionary project.

With its soft contours and inviting seats, the 'Play' sofa is a dynamic system that effortlessly adapts to evolving needs. The contoured backrests, firmly braced at the base, form an impeccable support that can be enhanced with one or more cushions, ensuring a truly comfortable seating experience. The versatility of this sectional sofa allows for easy customisation, offering flexibility that caters to individual preferences.

Experience the next level of comfort and style with the 'Play' compoundable modern sectional sofa - a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. Elevate your living space with this exceptional furniture piece that transcends traditional sofa design.

All Dall'Agnese furniture comes in different sizes and finishes. Contact our team for more information or for our best quotation.

Technical Info:

  • Structure: Made of solid and plywood spruce and covered with expanded polyurethane. Secondary and non-structural parts in fiberboard panels
  • Seats: padded with differed density expanded polyurethane foam
  • Armrest and Back: High-density expanded polyurethane foam with a compartment for sand pockets to keep the armrest steady in the required position. It is recommended to use at least one support cushion for every back foot: matt black plastic
  • Removable Covers: Totally removable for fabrics, non-removable for the leather version

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