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Solis Firebowl by Ivyline

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Introduce a touch of contemporary elegance to your outdoor space with our Solis fire bowl, offering a modern twist on traditional fire pits. This outdoor centrepiece is crafted to make a bold statement, transforming the heart of your garden and entertaining area into a stylish haven. The matte black exterior not only adds a sleek and sophisticated touch but also exudes a clean and contemporary vibe, effortlessly blending with various outdoor aesthetics. The Solis fire bowl stands out as a distinctive feature, challenging the conventional and making a striking impact that sets the stage for delightful fireside evenings.

Beyond its chic appearance, the Solis fire bowl boasts a unique design that captures attention and invites conversation. Its modern silhouette becomes a captivating focal point, ensuring that your outdoor gatherings are not just warm but visually stunning. Embrace the beauty of the Solis fire bowl as it elevates your outdoor ambiance, offering a contemporary twist to the traditional fire pit experience. With its eye-catching design and matte black allure, this outdoor accessory is designed to leave a lasting impression on those who gather around for unforgettable moments under the night sky.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Fire pit
  • Premium quality
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Frost resistant
  • UV stable
  • colour: Black
  • Dimensions: L 50 H 30 W 50 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Free Delivery
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days
  • Mainland GB delivery only

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