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Aldsworth Slatted Storage Unit Spruce

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Introduce a sense of order and organisation to your potting shed, garage, or planting area with the Aldsworth Slatted Storage Unit. This storage unit boasts a double-door design that opens to reveal two internal shelves. These shelves provide an efficient and stylish solution for storing and organising a variety of gardening essentials, ensuring everything has its designated place. The galvanised sheet metal top of the unit serves as a practical worktop, creating a versatile space for your gardening tasks.

Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, the Aldsworth Slatted Storage Unit offers both storage and workspace, making it a valuable addition to your gardening haven. The natural spruce construction adds a touch of rustic charm to your space, while the thoughtful design provides a convenient and organised solution for your gardening tools, pots, and accessories. With this storage unit, transform your planting area into a well-ordered and efficient space that enhances your gardening experience.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Slatted Storage Unit
  • Crafted in Spruce
  • The top is Galvanised Sheet Metal
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Fully-Assembled
  • 2X Internal Removable Shelves
  • We Recommend Positioning this Item in a Sheltered Area to Prolong its Life
  • Stained with a Grey Water Stain, Not Chemically Treated
  • Dimensions: L 73 H 91 W 40 cm
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days depending on the location

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