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Slim Up Sideboard by Dall'Agnese

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Slim Up Sideboard by Dall' Agnese - a harmonious blend of sleek design and modular functionality. This sideboard seamlessly inherits the refined carcase and modular versatility characteristic of the Slim collection, while boasting its distinctive grip profile. The uniqueness of the Slim Up lies in its horizontal grip profile, or in the oversized version, the option to position it vertically, transforming it into a stylish ornament that complements your space.

Customization takes centre stage with two handle configuration choices, allowing you to tailor the sideboard to your personal taste. Additionally, the Slim Up Sideboard offers a variety of foot options to further enhance its aesthetic appeal. Choose from the elegant Lama (H 12 cm) or the contemporary Tube (H 22 cm). For those seeking a middle ground, there's a set of 6 feet (H 16.3 cm), or go bold with another set of 6 feet (H 30 cm) for a striking presence.

The Slim Up Sideboard is all about providing you with the freedom to express your style and make a statement in your living space. Available in options of 2, 3, or 4 doors, as well as a 4-door tall storage unit, this sideboard adapts effortlessly to your storage needs. Elevate your interior design with the Slim Up Sideboard - where customization meets contemporary elegance.

Technical Info:
  • Type: 3 or 4 Doors Sideboard
  • Internal unit with suitable space also for the placement of bottles
  • Structure: Wood particle board in wood essence and matt or gloss lacquered finish
  • Doors and structures available in the majority of finishes
  • Inner Glass Shelves
  • Dimensions 2 Doors: L 1280 H 643 W 484 cm, 3 Doors: L 1440 H 643 W 484 cm and L 1920 W 484 H 643 cm or 4 Doors: L 1920 H 643 W 484 cm and L 2560 H 643 W 484 cm
  • Base: Feet in Metal Finish
  • ''Made to order''
  • Production and Delivery: 6 weeks

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